Community Habilitation

Assisting individuals in developing or enhancing independent living skills needed to stay in their homes or the community

Do you need temporary relief and some time for yourself?

Elmy’s Special Services provides an individualized Community Habilitation to assist individuals in developing or enhancing independent living skills needed to stay in their homes or the community. This program also provides opportunities for community inclusion, integration, and relationship building.  Along with your family, physician, and other healthcare professionals, we will create a comprehensive service plan that we will implement through home visits and community activities as set by a schedule between the individual and his/her family.

This individualized plan will include recreational services, such as one-on-one training on household tasks, money management, health, personal hygiene skills, social skills, strategies for behavior modification, life safety skills, and career exploration.

These goals and activities aim to promote independence, helping them to be more active and engaged in their community. These activities also seek to develop self-determination and help reach each individual’s goals and milestones, as well as their vision for a self-sufficient future.

If you have any questions regarding this service, feel free to contact us.


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