Early Intervention

Helping you achieve a better tomorrow for your children.

Are you concerned about your child’s development?

Elmys Special Services offers an Early Intervention Program to support eligible children in meeting their developmental milestones and make progress in life skills. Children ages 0 to three years of age who have disabilities or developmental delays can benefit from this program.

After your child is evaluated and determined eligible for the program, our team of healthcare professionals will work with your family to create a personalized service plan base on their needs.  You will also be appointed with an Early Intervention Official (EIO). who will be an important person in your child’s and family’s early intervention experience.If you have any questions regarding this service, feel free to contact us.

How it works

Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

An IFSP is a written plan for the early intervention services you and your child will receive from the Early Intervention Program.

This will include:

The outcomes for your child and family

What you and your family hope to gain from early intervention services

What you will get to help you reach your outcomes

Who will provides services including where, when and how often

Provide services that will be used to help you and your family

This service can be provided anywhere in the community

You understand your child’s needs, including what is helpful and what is not helpful. So, it is important for you to decide when and where your family will get early intervention services. This can include, but is not limited to...

Your Home
Your Child Care Center
Any place you go for fun
Early childhood programs & centers

Who is Eligible?

Infants and toddlers who live in New York City age 0-3 years with a diagnosed physical or developmental delay such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or autism.

If your child has difficulty in talking, sitting up, balancing, crawling, walking, eating, playing or understanding directions please contact us for more information.

Support and Services We Offer

Service coordination

Psychological therapy

Social Work Services

Vision services

Nutrition services

Occupational therapy

Physical therapy

Special instructions

Assistive technology devices and services

Speech pathology andaudiology

Family education, Counseling, Home visits & parent support groups


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