After school respite

Elmy's Afterschool Program is your partner in empowering individuals to reach new heights and lead fulfilling lives.

Patient centred after school respite

We specialize in providing assistance to individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities between the ages of 6 and 21.

What can you expect from the after school program?

Safe and Structured Environment: We prioritize the safety and well-being of every participant. Our dedicated staff ensures a secure environment where students can thrive and feel supported. We maintain a structured setting that promotes positive behavior, collaboration, and growth.

Patient centred after school respite

These are all the services that we offer.

Education and recreation

Students are engaged and gain access to support during their after-school hours. The program focuses on both education and recreation, providing a well-rounded experience.


Direct support professional assist students with homework, reading, writing, and math skills.


Students also enjoy various activities, including exercise, board, games, and music.


Students experience a vibrant and festive environment to participate in different activities meant to highlight special occasions.

Daily news writing activities

This program offers students an exciting opportunity to develop their writing skills and allows them to interact with various topics.

Arts and crafts

A creative and expressive outlet for  students to  explore their abilities and develop skills in various art forms such as painting, drawing and crafting.


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