Provided by a Direct Care Professional

Services provided to participants unable to care for themselves that are furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of those persons who normally provide care for the participant. Respite may be delivered in multiple periods of duration such as partial hour, hourly, daily without overnight, or daily with overnight. Respite may be provided in the participant’s home, a DHS licensed group home, or another community based setting approved by DHS.

Approved Counties:
Hudson & Essex

Eligibility Criteria for Respite Services

The individual is eligible for Respite Services if:

The individual is deemed eligible for CSOC developmental disability (DD) services.

The individual is under the age of 21 and will not turn 21 before the end of the dates selected for respite services.

The individual resides at home with a caregiver.

The individual is aged 4 to under 21 years old


Registrations for 2024

How to Know if Your Child or Loved One is DD-Eligible

In order to get your child's Cyber ID Number, please follow the steps below:

Call 877 652 7624
Register with PerformCare
Get the Cyber ID number to confirm Respite eligibility
Register Now
You will need the individual’s Cyber ID
Number in order to apply for our respite program.
The goal of Elmy's Respite Service is to help maintain the highest possible level of physical, emotional, and social well-being for each individual.

For DD Eligible Children

After your application is done:
Call 609 689 5400:
Get in touch with our team to discuss your child’s needs.
Ask for your Care Connector:
A dedicated professional will be assigned to help you navigate the care process.
Choose Elmy's Special Services as your Service Provider:
Ensure that you specify Elmy’s as your preferred provider to receive specialized services tailored for your child.

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