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We aim to enhance the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with disabilities and provide support for their families

A community-based organization established in 2002

In early 2002, a group of professionals from varying cultural backgrounds collaborated on how to best serve and support individuals with developmental disabilities as well as their families. At that time, we found that in low socio-economic communities that were mostly composed of immigrants, many were generally under-served. It appeared that these individuals shied away from services because of cultural and linguistic barriers. This reality was fundamental in the group’s decision to form Elmy’s Special Services, an organization that provides quality and comprehensive services to individuals and caretakers.

Providing quality support for a better quality of life

The primary focus of Elmy’s Special Services, Inc. was to ensure that the individual would not only be protected and safeguarded, but also be afforded the greatest opportunity to develop. To do so, we focused on goal-oriented projects, which include personal care and services, along with meaningful educational activities.

Today, Elmy’s Special Services, Inc. provides services on an individualized basis. We also emphasize the importance of public policy and advocacy to champion the rights of individuals diagnosed with disabilities.


We believe that every person, regardless of his or her race, ethnicity, or disability, should be treated with dignity and respect. Because of this belief, we will ensure that every person will achieve his or her full potential through appropriate and individualized programming.


Our vision is to be a community where families of children with disabilities have the information, resources, and support they need to make informed choices for the health of their children. We also envisioned a world where individuals with disabilities are recognized by their abilities, not by their disabilities.

We are committed to promoting a culture that embraces...


Surpassing expectations.


Respond to the community with efficiency and quality.


Promoting individual growth through continuous training and support.


Meeting the needs of individuals by acting in innovative ways that generate independence

Our goals

To achieve our goals, we will always consider evolving preferences and recommendations from professionals to continue improve and enhance the quality of the services that we provide.


We strive to provide comprehensive education and training to individuals with special needs, in order to help them reach their full potential.

Support and promote independence

Our goal is to empower individuals with special needs to live independently and make their own choices, by providing them with the necessary support and resources.

Assist in achieving personal goals

Our dedicated team works closely with individuals to understand their unique needs and aspirations, and helps them achieve their personal goals through tailored support and services.

Our Team

Providing Expert Care and Support

Our team is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, but what unites us is our commitment to providing exceptional care and support.

Ray Knights

Chief Executive Officer

Tamara McDonald

Chief Operating Officer

Sikandar ‘Alex’ Syed

Chief Financial Officer

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