Family Support

Provided by a Direct Care Professional

Elmy’s I/DD Family Support services and Respite care provides essential support to parents and primary caregivers of youth withI/DD, who face unique and often overwhelming challenges. By offering caregivers the opportunity to take breaks, respite services ensure that they can rest, engage in enjoyable activities, or simply catch up on personal tasks.

During this time, trained professionals care for the youth either at home or in a different safe environment.

Approved Counties:
Hudson & Essex

Elmy’s offers you a choice in the Respite service that best suits your needs.

Under the direction of the New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council, Regional Family Support Planning Councils assist the Children's System of Care (CSOC) in the allocation of funding for these services by making recommendations based on input they receive from families.

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Self-Hired Respite (SHR)

SHR allows families to hire and pay their own respite worker while complying with legal guidelines.

  • Choose Your Worker: Select a respite worker who is over 18 years old and not living in your household.
  • Direct Payment: Pay your worker directly and manage reimbursement through monthly submissions to the provider agency.
  • Flexible Usage: Use up to 60 hours of service per 90 days, as needed.

Agency After School Care (AAS)

AAS is a group service providing social and recreational activities for youth post-school, located at an agency’s site. Elmy’s offers AAS as the Summer Camp.

  • Location: Services are provided at the agency’s site, not at home.
  • Flexible Usage: Use up to 240 hours, including transportation, per 90 days as needed.

Agency Weekend Recreation (AWR)

AWR is a weekend group activity that provides social and recreational experiences.

  • Community Outings: Sometimes includes outings in the community.
  • Flexible Usage: Use up to 75 hours, including transportation, per 90 days as needed.

Overnight Respite (OVR)

OVR provides overnight care in a licensed facility with continuous supervision for individuals diagnosed with I/DD.

  • Usage Limit: Each individual can use the service for up to 14 nights in a 351-day period, subject to availability.
  • Facility Requirements: Service is provided in a state-licensed facility.

Agency Hired Respite (AHR)

AHR provides families with a respite worker recruited, trained, and employed by a qualified agency, offering social and recreational experiences to youth either at home or in the community.

  • Usage: Up to 60 hours available per 90 days, with flexible use within that period.
Compliance Requirement:

Mandatory compliance with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements. Further details are available on the NJ CSOC Information Center website.

Eligibility Criteria for Respite Services

The individual is eligible for Respite Services if:

The individual is deemed eligible for CSOC developmental disability (DD) services.

The individual is under the age of 21 and will not turn 21 before the end of the dates selected for respite services.

The individual resides at home with a caregiver.

The individual is aged 4 to under 21 years old


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How to Know if Your Child or Loved One is DD-Eligible

In order to get your child's Cyber ID Number, please follow the steps below:

Call 877 652 7624
Register with PerformCare
Get the Cyber ID number to confirm Respite eligibility
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You will need the individual’s Cyber ID
Number in order to apply for our respite program.
The goal of Elmy's Respite Service is to help maintain the highest possible level of physical, emotional, and social well-being for each individual.

For DD Eligible Children

After your application is done:
Call 609 689 5400:
Get in touch with our team to discuss your child’s needs.
Ask for your Care Connector:
A dedicated professional will be assigned to help you navigate the care process.
Choose Elmy's Special Services as your Service Provider:
Ensure that you specify Elmy’s as your preferred provider to receive specialized services tailored for your child.

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