Providing assistance to help individuals and families get better

Family Reimbursement compensates families to help pay for goods and services related to caring for a person with a disability. These services and goods are not reimbursed or obtained through other sources, but which directly benefits the person with a disability. The maximum reimbursement allowed per applicant is $500. A parent committee will review all applications based on income, the nature of the request, and the applicant’s award history.

Eligible items for reimbursement include;

  • Clothing
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Respite
  • Recreational activities
  • Summer camp
  • Evaluations
  • And many more

Applicants must submit a completed application and a personal letter and should also include the following items:

  • Most recent Psychological Evaluation copy
  • HIPPA Signature page
  • Notice of Decision/Level of Care if applicable
  • Original Receipts

If you have questions on how to qualify or any concerns regarding this service, feel free to contact us.